Ovulation Predictor Kits – You Get Pregnant Fast

You’ve decided you want a baby – it’ll happen fast since you’re not using “protection”…

Ovulation predictor kits are a perfect shortcut to finding your fertile times.

Ovulation predictor kits are a perfect shortcut to finding your fertile times.

…at least, that’s what you thought. It’s not always that easy. But one thing that can help you get pregnant fast is using ovulation predictor kits.

The word “kit” is pretty standard in the lingo of trying to conceive, but in reality these tests are not complex. In fact, they’re as easy to use as a pregnancy test.

The best way to get the most out of ovulation predictor kits is to chart your cycles. If you’re already doing that, great! If you’re completely confused by your chart, that’s ok – this is where the test comes in.

OPK Info – So You *Know* When You’re Ovulating

What the Kits Do

These tests look for a surge of luteinizing hormone (LH). The LH levels in your body increase just before you ovulate, so testing for a large amount of LH is a good way to be aware of when ovulation is about to occur.

If you’ve been charting and aren’t quite sure when you’re ovulating the ovulation test kits can give you confidence and help you understand your body more. They can also confirm your own charting.

If your cycles or long or irregular the tests can be especially invaluable. While your body may give confusing signs – or multiple times where you see fertility signs (this sometimes occurs with very long cycles, or while breastfeeding) – a test strip can let you know if you’re getting close to ovulation or if this is just a “false start.”

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When to Use Them

It’s best to use ovulation predictor kits for several days in a row close to the time you think you’ll be ovulating. If you have pretty regular cycles, you can start this about 16-18 days before you expect your next period. Usually you’ll ovulate around 12-14 days before your period, so begin testing before that time.

You can also begin using the tests when your cervical mucus changes from infertile to a more fertile quality.

How to Use the Test Kit

They are very easy to use – if you’re using a mid-stream test you just pee on the test stick. It looks just like a pregnancy test. If you’re using a strip test (my favorite) you pee in a small cup and dip the test (you hold the colored handle). You’ll see a “max line” on the test – don’t go past that when you dip. Hold it in the sample is for about 10 seconds or until you see dye moving up the test.

Lay the test flat for 10 minutes, then read the results.

This is where ovulation predictor kits differ from pregnancy tests. With a pregnancy test “two lines” means a positive result. That’s not the case with this type of test.

You’ll see a line on your test before you use it – that’s the “control line.” After you use the test and your 10 minutes have passed, look at the test strip control line. Is there a new line there? How dark is it compared to the control line?

If there is no second line, or if it’s lighter than the control line, that’s a negative result. If it’s darker than the control line, that’s a positive result, and you’ll probably be ovulating in 24-48 hours! Make a note on your chart, and go plan a romantic night with your man!

The benefits of ovulation test kits are that they can help you get pregnant faster because they help you pinpoint ovulation even if you’re not sure about interpreting your fertility signs yet. They’re also easy to use and inexpensive. They can be used right in your own home and are completely non-invasive, so I recommend them for helping you get pregnant naturally!

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